Kenwood ts 570 problems

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Now it will not power up. First thoughts was the reverse polarity diode so replaced but still no joy. It did not blow the in line fuses on the power lead and turned off very quickly. The radio was in receive mode and not transmitting when the problem occurred. Is the radio dead or can it be repaired. Any helpful advice would so much be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Its deffo something wrong with the Kenwood but thanks for your reply Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by nikmiles » 07 Novi think the little devil pulled them loose and when and i swaitched the radio on it was just bad luck that one had touched the other causing a spark!!

There is a internal fuse it's a pcb mounted one at the front of the radio left side looking from the front of the set. Last edited by Ashtec on 07 Nov, edited 1 time in total. Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by nikmiles » 07 NovCheers for that ashtec you took the words out of my mouth as per the post before yours will deffo give that a go and let you know thanks again Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by Ashtec » 07 NovI get this fault all the time also fixed afew for other's i have one in the work shop now were i have arc'ed the psu pluging in a cb radio.

Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by nikmiles » 07 NovHi ashtec just passed your useful info on to my friend who is looking at the radio for me unfortunately i have cerebal palsy so can't take radios apart its too difficult however he has replaced the reverse polarity diode as it appeared that it had blown radio would still not power up but he is going to try your remedy tomorrow do you think this will still work??

Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by Ashtec » 07 NovYes i would think so any arc at all will trip the thing out i do it all the time im trying to up load some pic's for you of the internal fuse. Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by nikmiles » 07 NovThanks so much Ashtec forgive me for being thick but the pic of the internal fuse is separate from the reverse polarity diode??

Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by Ashtec » 07 NovThe internal fuse is on the RF deck under the speaker cover let say i my self would just reset the battery and see if it come on if it dont then i would check the internal fuse as this is a bit of a job to do as you need to pull the pcb out the radio. Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by nikmiles » 07 Novok Ashtec thanks for all your info and will let you know how i get on least i have a smile on my face now Re: Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please Post by Ashtec » 07 Novnikmiles wrote: ok Ashtec thanks for all your info and will let you know how i get on least i have a smile on my face nowIt seems incredible, but there is a lithium battery in the Kenwood TS that apparently lasts about 6 months.

Replacing it is a major trip into the innards of your radio. Clif of AVVID a Kenwood Service center was kind enough to tell me what to do, and I thought I would write up his instructions and my experience in case someone else needs it. According to Clif, the microprocessor must reset correctly or the battery will drain quickly. Therefore you must follow these instructions, as odd as they seem. Before you begin, you need the radio on a nonconductive surface, a phillips screwdriver and a CR battery Radio Shack has them.

You also need the radio's power supply hooked up. That's it! According to Clif the problem won't reoccur. We'll see! Just be careful when you attempt this.

Lots of things can go wrong. The case is very tight fitting, so don't drop the pieces and bend them out of shape or you will be sorry. Good luck! As of March 29th, my battery failed again yep, about 6 months.

I have a month left on my warantee, so I'm planning on trying to get something resolved. I'll post here about what I find out. Kenwood did in fact take the Radio back and apparently installed a diode at no charge.

With any luck, this will fix the problem.This is the JVComm style of interface. The really great thing about the WolphiLink interface is that it does not require a PC or laptop.

This box allows me to chat with other hams over the air with my PC digitally even with a rig that is now 30 years old. The output interface 10 receives a data stream at a first frequency, and provides an encoded version e.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of Next, to make an application accessible, two things about the application are paramount: simplicity and stability. Here is how I built my Audio Interface for my Ubitx. No need to use internal or USB serial port. PSK for Android smartphones and tablets Version 3 now with improved sensitivity and faster locking.

PSK with no Interface. Total length 2. Powered by Blogger. A waterfall display has been added to PSK mode. Digital modes on the radio are a bit of a Black art.

Most of the digital communications used in the amateur bands use some form of tone translation. It's not. The interface includes automated push-to-talk PTT circuitry. Also my radio station and computer are well grounded to prevent stray RF problems.

New New. People using this kind of "external sound card solutions" also embedded into the TRX or from other vendorsshould also read about the "sound interface bug". Up until relatively recently, PSK31 was the favorite of a small cadre of experimenters who used DSP development kits to put the mode on the air.

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The heart of this method of digital operation is the PC sound card which is being used by the software program as a DSP Digital Signal Processing unit. If you also want to use digital modes such as PSK31 or FT8, you also need to connect your computer to the audio input and output of … Homebrew Interface Most newer radios have USB soundcard and don't require any interface. It should have line in and out jacks. Add to Wishlist.

The first thing to configure is a new dynamic interface. In other words, if you think it is bad now, you should have seen it way Sent: Sunday, March 11, PM. Item description. It combines the advantages of a simple variable length text code with a narrow bandwidth phase-shift keying PSK signal using DSP techniques.

Kenwood TS-570DG (TS 570 DG TS570DG) user and service manual, modifications

Simple PTT - To allow the computer to key the radio. February 26, DigiPan is relatively simple. This sits between the PC and the radio, and handles the audio, tuning the radio, and setting the radio into transmit. After succesful with the ugly interface for psk The Elecraft K2 works very well for these modes. A node successfully authenticates its peer as being in the group whether the peer is another node or itself.

This time i try make full function interface.Discussion in ' Ham Equipment ' started by wa2hlvJul 2, WorldwideDX Radio Forum. You can now help support WorldwideDX when you shop on Amazon at no additional cost to you!

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Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?This page describes some repair tasks related to the Kenwood TS transceiver.

You will be guided through the repair proces step-by-step followed by descriptions and pictures. Pictures on this page can be enlarged by clicking on it. The problem Kenwood TS is designed as a mobile transceiver. To withstand mobile use, some of the circuit boards are partly covered with glue "goop" in order to prevent components from vibrating and causing frequency instability. As time goes by, the glue becomes slightly conductive and can cause leak currents flowing between components. This is very bad in VCO circuits, where the varicap diode is extremely sensitive to any voltage change.

I used a voltmeter with 11 Mohm input impedance. All conductive glue must be removed. Glue halfway removed. Make notes on how cables etc. Now disconnect the cables, remove the screws, and extract the RF-unit. The glue is removed using hand tools. Use a stanley knife for cutting out pieces of glue and for cleaning scraping the component side of the circuit board. A screwdriver is handy for lifting components when unsoldering. A long-nosed plier is used for removing components and pieces of goop.

This work requires several hours of intensive labour. I recommend you take regular breaks! Some people say that components dirty with glue can be removed, cleaned, and reused. I could not do that. The glue removal proces will probably destroy many components. Furthermore, it is easier to clean the circuit board when everything on it has been removed.

Do not destroy the 2SC Y transistors. Unsolder them, clean them carefully, and reuse them. I offer this advice because it was difficult for me to obtain new transistors.

I've later discovered, that 2SC Y is available on Ebay. Update September VK5NNT Neville describes his method of removing the glue: "What I have discovered is that I put pure eucalyptus oil on the glue and it softened it to a jelly condition. I used a small plastic syringe to put drops of eucalyptus oil on the glue.

It acts fairly quickly and does not require a lot of oil; just put some on an area and test to see how long it takes to soften. I was then able to remove the glue easily with a paper cutting scalpel and tweezers and used a small suction nozzle connected to my vacuum cleaner and suck up the jellied glue. I did not remove the components". I have not tried this method, but I would encourage using it. Removing the glue and not the components will greatly simplify the repair work and speed up the task!

The rebuild work should be divided into steps. Build one VCO and test it. Then continue with the next one. A low value can make the oscillator stop.

Increasing the value may be necessary to keep the VCO running. Here are the values from my rebuild of transceiver-2 varicaps were BB :.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to. You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions.

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Reviews Home. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. You know, I resisted this radio for years. I have a love affair with older kenwoods, you know the beautiful high contrast led displays, like the S, TSS. But, I longed for the built in keyer, auto cw zero beat, and DSP. I saw a SG pop up, and these are sort of rare so I purchased it.

At first I was not impressed The DSP didn't seem to pull anything out of the noise that I couldn't hear without it and in most cases made it worse. It was clear that if I couldn't copy a weak signal, DSP wasn't going to magically make it copyable. But then, something magic happened.

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I discovered that while the DSP will not magically make weak signals clearer, it will take voice that IS copyable but buried down in the noise, and strip away that noise. Also, my s has 4 filter settings, 12k, 6k, 2.

The on the other hand has infinitely adjustable digital filter skirts which can be moved on each side narrowing the band pass down to almost nothing. The digital filter for CW mode has adjustable band pass simulating multiple IF filters. This works extremely well in SSB and so well in fact that you could entirely get away without a narrowing band IF filter.

I tried this in the worst pileup I've ever heard and still I was able to pull out a single signal from the pile without AGC pumping. Surprised how few people mention this. The is just loaded with features While it's not the prettiest radio, it really performs. If you are on a budget and want a rig loaded with features, this is it. Hi There. I have a friend who is an amateur who lives close to me and he uses a. Kenwood TSD hf tranciever. When he switches the DSP function on there is.

Kenwood TSD, TSS Manual Online: Troubleshooting. The problems described in this table are commonly encountered operational malfunctions. The radio club at my local MakerSpace has a donated TSD. It was working fine when we first Kenwood TSD transmit/tune problem. › kenwood › kenwoodts I bought last year a Kenwood TSD HF transceiver.

After a few months of good working i got a problem: Everytime if i switch off the power i lost all the. Friend got in touch with me about this radio. It had been disconnected from power and antenna for about 6 months. When he turned it on he. the lithium battery problem in the kenwood ts Listed under the Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Kenwood TS category that is about Kenwood TS D.

Modification / homebrew for Kenwood ts Multi CH encoder repair on Kenwood TS DG. 11 JanKenwood TSD problem using external amplifier.

Troubleshooting - Kenwood TS-570D, TS-570S Instruction Manual

This video from Ivan, PY1YB, dealt with replacing the glass on the front. D problems. wa2hlv said: ↑. Power output of my Kenwood TSD on 20, 17, 15, and 10 meters is approximately 40 watts using a Bird. Help with Kenwood TSDG Needed please The radio was in receive mode and not transmitting when the problem occurred.

Other people, on the air, told me they were having the same problem, and a Kenwood fix had been made. I sold the second TS, and bought a new one about. Review Summary For: Kenwood TSS(G) I experience the occasional "long-dash" problem when sending CW that other reviewers have noted. It is so rare. KB2LJJ Radio Mods Database and Manuals TS Mods IZ5CCV Problem width the memories From: PA3HGA I bought last year a Kenwood.

Kenwood TSDG (TS DG TSDG) Problem width the memories Suddenly I found my Kenwood TSD's internal antenna tuner reacting strange. Accessibility Evaluation of the Kenwood TSD HF Transceiver by Phil 2E0OCD and may be invaluable if troubleshooting certain problems. All of my contacts this week were from my Kenwood TSD at my base station in my house. I'm starting to get some of these problems.

12 OPERATOR CONVENIENCES. AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER. As explained in “ANTENNA CONNECTION” {page 1}, matching the impedance of the coaxial cable and. Recent Kenwood TSD HF Transceiver questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Radio. View and download the Manual of Kenwood TSD VHF UHF Transceiver (page 67 of 89) (English). problem, please make your note short, complete, and to.